MIGUELIVANOV is an independent agency that helps brands become number one by means of exceptional advertising and video content. While working with us, the majority of our clients acquired leading positions in their categories. In recent years, our creative effort won a broader audience by achieving outstanding results across Europe. Meet our team to write and shoot your own success story.

When we started working with am.ru, it was an ambitious startup that had as competitors a number of established, respected and well-known sites. After six commercials that made two flights of the same campaign, am.ru caught up with the major competitor avto.ru and became "Number 1 in Russia" (for number of visits per day).


In 2013 we created a campaign that was later ranked #2 in the ‘TV Campaign of the year’ chart by the local advertising portal sostav.ru. Research also showed that 9 of 10 respondents adore the ads, and 75% of pre-roll viewers preferred to watch it to the end. Too good to be real, but it was.

The beauty of idea suggested that we did it also in digital. We decided to launch the new project in partnership with Maxim magazine that had the biggest audience among all 'men' magazines at the time (TNS Russia, NRS-Russia, 2013/3). The project was based in a real photo session of a pop trio Nikita for Maxim (December 2013, on sale since November, 15).

The spread in the magazine told an amusing story about a disappearing stage prop, namely, Ferrari 458 Italia, during the shoot. Everybody was invited to see this incident live on Maxim internet site or in a special Maxim application. The last page was executed as a regular advertisment by am.ru and had its official selling line: 'Am.ru sells cars faster than you think'.

The project was widely announced using intriguing banners, Maxim Youtube channel, Nikita accounts in Fb and Instagram, and on a range of automotive sites.

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