MIGUELIVANOV is an independent agency that helps brands become number one by means of exceptional advertising and video content. While working with us, the majority of our clients acquired leading positions in their categories. In recent years, our creative effort won a broader audience by achieving outstanding results across Europe. Meet our team to write and shoot your own success story.

We are honoured to be the agency that launched Joom across Europe

In 2018 Joom became one of the most frequently downloaded applications in both Apple Store and Google Play in Russia. In Europe Joom enjoys the title of the fastest growing e-commerce company with an ambition to obscure the fame of Amazon.

The global European campaign of 2018/19 includes five commercials focused on the main benefit of the marketplace: making prices 90% less than in retail shops. On the Black Friday, announced in one of the spots, the sales rose fivefold and the application was being downloaded at the impressive speed 2 500 times per minute.

The earlier summer campaign of Joom for Russia was supposed to change the attitude to goods from China, usually referred to as cheap and bad quality stuff. This myth was dispelled by four perfectly styled and staged music videos with a catchy summer tune.


In 2017 Joom launched its first TV campaign in Russia and Spain that boosted downloads of its application by 200% for the first time. Six different stories illustrated various aspects of overabundant shopping.


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