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We started to work with DocDoc from scratch: this ambitious digital startup never did any advertising on TV. Now DocDoc is the third preferred way to arrange a visit to a doctor, following the traditional call centers and clinic's receptions. Brand awareness reaches 46%, aided brand awareness hits 74%. 38% of the patients in Moscow clinics have used DocDoc at least once.

Putting DocDoc advertising on TV is somewhat problematic due to legal restrictions that prohibit usage of a doctor's 'image'. For a service that provides its clients with the valuable possibility to choose the best doctors available, it's a trap. However, creativity has defeated legal issues in the 2018 advertising campaign: patients, who do not know exactly who they are visiting, see a cubic figure instead of a proper doctor.

The campaign was so clear and impressive that in a month top of mind awareness grew by 18%. For the first time ever the arrangements made through DocDoc outstripped those made on the clinics' internet sites.


Twice a year DocDoc announces a special discount on first visits to certain doctors. To communicate this discount, we created three commercials about the patients who feel happy and proud to pronounce at the clinic's reception the secret code: 'I am from DocDoc'.

Launching DocDoc on 2017 was no less a challenge. For nearly 20 years patients called the clinic to arrange their visits. Some DocDoc came to change that. Now people had to forget their habit of calling a clinic and acquire a habit of using an application. 

For the three commercials we created a voiceover announcing a super clear instruction of what people should do.


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