MIGUELIVANOV is an independent agency that helps brands become number one by means of exceptional advertising and video content. While working with us, the majority of our clients acquired leading positions in their categories. In recent years, our creative effort won a broader audience by achieving outstanding results across Europe. Meet our team to write and shoot your own success story.

When we started to work with CIAN in 2014, it was a local Moscow site for real estate announcements with an ambition to become a national brand. By the end of 2018, CIAN has made it to the top 10 sites for real estate in the world Now it is visited by one million of users per day.


CIAN finally made its way to Russian regions. The challenge was to create the campaign that would seamlessly continue to build the brand in major cities as well as make a powerful launch of CIAN for the rest of the country. 'Have you tried CIAN?', always says a smarter character to a less lucky one. We use legendary spokespersons to make people believe that CIAN can solve even an epic scale problem.



The three spots of the CIAN campaign in 2017 were very well received due to their emotional warmth and authentic characters. We feel good when we see an unlucky guy fall in love and become a lucky one, - this is a simple plot that drives both Hollywood blockbusters and Soviet comedies.




In 2016 the TV campaign for CIAN was named "Four rooms" consisted of several commercials based on the insight ‘You never know what’s behind the door’. The curious side of this insight is that it can be applied to anyone: a student is looking at the door of the examination room, a patient is looking at a dentist's door, a manager is looking at his boss’s door with the same conflicting emotions.


The very first TV campaign of CIAN consisted of 9 commercials. To the right insight and well balanced scripts we added a brilliant Hollywood production that combined best directors, best talents, best art direction department and best post production units. As the result of it, CIAN has got 53% in spontaneous brand awareness (vs. 35% of the previous year) and 35% in top of mind awareness  (vs. 25%).  CIAN was named “Absolute Brand” of the year for the effectiveness of this campaign.


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