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Do it stylish

The summer campaign of Joom was supposed to change the attitude of people to goods from China, usually referred to as cheap and bad quality stuff. This myth was dispelled by four perfectly styled and staged music videos with a catchy summer tune.

The lyrics in each commercial promote one or two advantages of Joom, depending on the length of the ad: vast choice of products, discounts up to 90%, free delivery, precise size table.


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Tell old truth in a new way

The first commercial for FinEx displays ordinary behaviour of people that do not know what to do with their money. They waste a part and hide the rest under the mattress, which is kind of childish.

Grown ups should use more effective financial instruments. Make a first step into the world of investments with 'Financial Autopilot'.


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Use epic spokespersons

In 2018 CIAN finally made its way to Russian regions. The challenge was to create the campaign that would seamlessly continue to build the brand in major cities as well as make a powerful launch of CIAN for the rest of the country.

'Have you tried CIAN?', always says a smarter character to a less lucky one. We use legendary spokespersons to make people believe that CIAN can solve even an epic scale problem.


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Don't let people down with cutdowns

In 2017 we introduced a national TV campaign to launch Joom, a mobile application for buying goods from China. The campaign consisted of 6 spots: 2x20", 2x10" and 2x5". Instead of making traditional cutdowns, we created six different stories illustrating various aspects of overabundant shopping.


The number of installations of Joom app increased dramatically after first two weeks of airing the spots. For a long time Joom became the most wanted app in both Apple Store and Google Play. The spots were also aired in Spain and Ireland, which contributed to building Joom as the fastest growing e-commerce company in Europe.


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Give people precise instructions

In 2017 we introduced a TV campaign to launch DocDoc, an online service of making arrangements with doctors. The challenge was to make people - for the first time ever - arrange their visits to doctors via an application.


For all the three commercials we created a voiceover announcing a super clear instruction of what people should do.


Take a unique proposition and heat it up

The viral video promoting the unique proposition of CIAN - ‘We check everything in person’ - got one million views in the very first day and was named one of the best ads of 2017 (Sostav.ru).

The successful video was followed by another one highlighting the same proposition.

The intriguing and dramatic videos contained a provocative message to boost the discussions in social networks. Is it good or bad when someone comes to your apartment and have sex there?


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Love whatever common people do

The three spots of the CIAN campaign in 2017 were very well received due to their emotional warmth and authentic characters.

We feel good when we see an unlucky guy fall in love and become a lucky one, - this is a simple plot that drives Hollywood blockbusters and Soviet comedies.


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Win a wider audience by choosing a universal trigger

In 2016 the TV campaign for CIAN was named "Four rooms" consisted of several commercials based on the insight ‘You never know what’s behind the door’.

The curious side of this insight is that it can be applied to anyone: a student is looking at the door of the examination room, a patient is looking at a dentist's door, a manager is looking at his boss’s door with the same conflicting emotions


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Align creative brilliance with powerful insight

The ‘Brodsky Cat’ viral video skyrocketed up to 7 mln views and gathered hundreds of positive comments. It was also included into TOP1O commercials of runet in the most objective rating by Google as the most viewed, shared and discussed in 2016.

The insight that inspired the film implies laziness and passivity of the Russian audience when they face an obvious necessity to improve their living and change home for a better one.


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Let music tell the message

In 2015 we started working with KFC and created an image commercial that was aimed to introduce real human values in KFC advertising.



The film became instantly loved and shared thanks to the track ‘Are you with me?’ by Lost Frequencies, the song that was then top10 in the world music charts.


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Stick to their ears

In 2015 we did a TV campaign for Myasnitsky Ryad. It was losing its market share because of competitors popping up here and there, and could hardly invent any reason for their product to be preferred to that of other brands.




We created a series of short funny commercials with a memorable poetic mantra using the brand name. Three months later, when all the market fell down because of the economy crisis in Russia, Myasnitsky Ryad held strong its positions.


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Consider production quality a king

The first TV campaign of CIAN consisted of 9 commercials. To the right insight and well balanced scripts we added a brilliant Hollywood production that combined best directors, best talents, best art direction department and best post production units.



The quality of the film is subconsciously perceived as the quality of the brand. As the result, CIAN has got 53% in spontaneous brand awareness (vs. 35% of the previous year) and 35% in top of mind awareness  (vs. 25%).  CIAN was named “Absolute Brand” of the year for the effectiveness of this campaign.


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Stand out by your looks

In 2015 we were honoured to be the first ever advertising agency in Russia to create films for Mazda. The unique visual style that we developed for Mazda outdoor advertising was set in motion.

To underline the beauty of the cars, we created a whole universe with neon blue images playing along with the moving car and its elegant reflecting surfaces. The films nailed the image of Mazda as extremely strong, remarkable and consistent brand in Russia.


Gain 90% likability

The campaign for AM.ru of the year 2013 was a very remarkable one in many ways. It brought AM.ru an instant leadership in the category, helping to beat a very serious competitor, avto.ru, and is still well remembered.

A research by MASMI showed that 9 of 10 people 'liked' or 'were fond of' the spots. 75% of the Youtube viewers preferred to watch the prerolls to the end. The campaign was ranked #2 as the ‘TV Campaign of the year’


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Find your partner for a lifetime

In 2003 we created the visual identity and the communication idea for the Crocus City Mall and were working with this client for more than a decade. Some of the print ads were recognized internationally and got EPICA awards. The commercial was published in Cannes Lions 2015 special edition.

The great result is never a one-sided process, it is a consequence of the agency-client team work, trust and respect for each other. It takes years and is crowned with brilliance. Please see here the full case with prints and radio spots like no other.


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